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Only4She Boutique is an online fashion boutique, where you can find great artistic work of online boutiques of Pakistan. Only4she launched her new collection of party, formal wear suits in her characteristic Pakistani style. This includes Ladies wear, Foot wear, Bangles, Multani Hand Embroidery Suits, Jewelry, other fashion accessories & gifts etc.

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Soon we upload some new dresses for winter collection. So be patient

Mehndi - The mark of the Rasam

No Pakistani wedding is ever complete without the mehndi. Whichever part of the country the bride may be from, her hands are adorned with the lovely red hue of the mehndi (mehndi). Beauty parlours have special bridal mehndi packs - these days, the brides have a choice between the Indian mehndi (which covers pretty much most of the palm) and the Arabic mehndi (in which the pattern is drawn to one side of the hand). The cost of applying the mehndi may vary from parlour to parlour. mehndi (Mehndi) is associated to lots of things - a good dark design is a sign of good luck for the marital couple. It is common for the names of the bride and groom to be hidden in the mehndi design; and the wedding night cannot commence until the groom has found the names. Some examples of popular traditional images/thumb used in mehndi designs are the peacock, which is the national bird if India, the lotus flower, and an elephant with a raised trunk, which is a symbol of good luck

  • Arabic Mehndi designs
  • arabic mehndi designs Arbi designs don't necessary cover your hands or feet all the way. They tend to be "kula kula" which means open or flowing. Many popular Arbi designs are vines and leaves with beautiful flowers. This makes it an excellent and perfect candidate, if you want to have a bail going down your arm or leg. Today's Arabic Fashion Designs & more links....

  • Indian Mehndi designs
  • indian mehndi designs The most famous design for Indian mehndi is a big dot or figure in the middle of the palm, with finger tips colored completely & also see Mumbaii Designs.

  • Pakistani Mehndi design
  • Pakistani mehndi designs These designs are famous for being modeled by dhulanain (Pakistani brides), as well as close female family members and friends. Completing ONE SIDE of A HAND may take 2 hours at the MINIMUM.

  • Bridal Mehndi Designs
  • bridal mehndi designs Beautiful indian & pakistani bridal mehndi designs for their wedding day.have a look.

  • All About Mehndi
  • Now u make your own Mehndi & learn the direction of cone... About Black Heeenna
    Mehndi Tips for The Better Results
    Mehndi Types

  • Fashion Mehndi designs
  • fashion mehndi designs Mehndi has broken free of the traditional wedding, Eid days and is being applied for a Valentine's Day bash , a formal party or even an evening at a disco. In its new avatar, mehndi has been elevated to the status of body art and a fashion accessory for the fashion-conscious youngsters. new fashion Design mehndi...

  • Tattoo Mehndi Designs
  • tattoo mehndi designs A tattoo is ink that has been pushed down into the middle layers of the skin. What makes it stay is the placement, about one eighth of an inch down, at just the right depth.

  • Glitter Mehndi Designs
  • glitter mehndi designs Glitter mehndi applied by girls specially in mehndi parties now adays and in eid days .Glitter mehndi mostly applied on back side of hand.